About Me

My Work

My photography work evolves mainly around live music,  mostly in Paris. I try to get as many photo passes as I can on concerts that I'm really interested in, and with artists I listen to daily. Whenever it's possible, building a trust relation with the artist and/or his manager is my priority, so we can all do what we love in the best conditions possible. 

I also try to travel as much as possible, and I never miss a chance to grab my gear and take on location pictures, wether it's landscape, portraits, or street photography.

Ultimately, my goal is to combine live music & travel through photography. Going on tour with a band I admire, to photograph them on and behind stage, around a country or even the world is a dream of mine.


Born in Champagne-Ardennes but raised in Paris suburbian area, I have always been close to art. Playing drums since 6 and guitar since 18, music always took a huge place in my life. The passion of photography came during my studies in audiovisual. My firsts paychecks as a video technician on french TV allowed me to invest in proper photography gear, and start shooting concerts. Quickly enough, working on visuals and photography became what I am aiming at as a full time job.

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